About Jervis Systems: The Start

Jervis Systems was born out of the capabilities we built to meet the needs for Loudoun Escape, our rental property in Ashburn, Virginia. Our slogan for that property and business is "Business Travel Perfected."

To make the Loudoun Escape experience a truly perfect one, I was constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize the way we did things. This meant examining the operation from both a process improvement perspective and a smart home automation perspective.

To me, automation and process improvement mean:

  • less room for error
  • less confusion and frustration
  • Increased efficiency by completing repeatable tasks automatically and seamlessly

Our approach to business, customer service and automation stand out to our guests and others who have heard about Loudoun Escape.

Jervis Systems was conceived when several property owners and property managers asked me whether I would like to manage access features for their properties and set up the same automation I use at Loudoun Escape. The problem was that I had not designed any of our capabilities for the world to plug into.

As a result, my team and I set out to create Jervis Systems as a way to share our capabilities in a Software as a Service (SaaS) property automation platform. Creating this system has been a journey of learning for us. Jervis Systems is our way of packaging the automation innovations we perfected for Loudoun Escape, and offering them to the world.

We’ve established great partnerships with incredible companies and people in the process. Jervis Systems will also include several patent pending features that we originally developed for our Loudoun Escape rental.

As we started to build out our property automation platform, we realized there was so much more we could streamline. We could connect property owners (smart home enthusiasts and vacation rental owners) with family, friends, guests and vendors (dog walkers, cleaning companies, realtors and more). We achieved this by crafting secure and convenient features, which allows for ease of automating keyless access for property users everywhere. As we’ve built out these core features, we’ve discovered there is much more that can be done. The possibilities ahead seem endless!

Jervis Systems seeks to create a community connected by a powerful, easy-to-use platform. We do not want Jervis Systems to be exclusive, or only accessible to those who own a certain number of properties. Whether you own one property or 1,000, we want you to discover the possibilities of Jervis Systems. We want to build a network in which we solve real problems and have fun while we do it.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Jervis Systems is to create and strengthen a sense of community among property owners and smart home enthusiasts across the nation.

Our property automation platform confronts typical technology headaches and access workflow obstacles within the property automation space by offering solutions for the DIY property owner and the up-and-coming smart technology enthusiast, to easily adapt for their use. We’ve built our solution to enable all users to experience the ease of automation and future-focused access and convenience solutions.

Jervis Systems seeks to create a community connected by a powerful, easy-to-use platform.


OWNER at Jervis Systems

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    We hold ourselves accountable to be honest about what we do and plan to do.


    We love what we do. We want to consistently learn, grow and creatively solve problems.

  • Focus

    We focus on perfecting the processes that lead others to success.

  • Transparency

    We want to be transparent with our users on our policies and what we offer.

  • Excellence

    We strive for stellar user experiences, quality integrations and constant innovation.

  • Customer Service

    We provide consistent, responsive support to our user community.

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