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You may hear these platforms referred to as either Property Management Systems (PMS) or Channel Managers In any case, these platforms help to streamline property management across multiple booking channels, including Airbnb, VRBO,, Houfy, etc You can check out the growing list of platforms that we support here:

Any property you manually create in Jervis Systems or import through connecting your Property Management Systems / Channel Manager will appear on the Jervis Systems Properties page.

Any reservations that you have manually created or received through booking platforms like Airbnb, VRBO,, Houfy, etc., will show up on the Reservations page in your Jervis Systems account. Once you connect your PMS, you can automatically import your upcoming reservations into Jervis Systems.

These terms are often used interchangeably to describe the access code that allows a guest or user to access your property.
Jervis Systems generates these codes for all smart devices on your property. We default to generating codes based on your guest's phone number if we receive these details.
If not, we will create a random door code based on the number of digits your smart lock supports and how you set it up (4-digits, 6-digits, or 8-digits typically). Most property managers opt for 4-digit codes as they are the easiest for guests to remember.

This refers to the smart devices that are connected to your property. We support various smart devices, including locks, garage openers, thermostats, and sensors (noise, carbon monoxide, etc.). You can check out the growing list of brands that we support here:

Simple Entry Technology (SET) PIN is a feature of Jervis Systems feature that allows you to set a unique door access code per reservation. This PIN can be the last four digits of the guest’s phone number, or it can be a randomly generated PIN code. The code will automatically be enabled when the guest’s reservation starts and automatically disabled when the reservation is over.

NOTE: The SET PIN is our most popular feature, and is included in our PMS Plan ($5 a month per device)! A majority of our Property Management System (PMS)/Channel Manager users find this plan to be the perfect fit for their needs!

The Simple Entry Technology (SET) App is our Jervis Systems mobile app. Guests can log into the mobile app within seconds to view the doors they have access to, without the need to register! With the SET App, everything can be done in a few clicks of a button, whether you're opening and closing doors or inviting a guest to your property!

Simple Entry Technology (SET) Text is a patent pending feature by Jervis Systems that allows you to open or close doors at your property simply by texting! A registered guest can send a text message to a Jervis Systems phone number and we'll open the doors requested. No keys, door codes, or mobile apps are required!

Like our SET Text feature, Simple Entry Technology (SET) Call is a patent pending feature that allows you or your guests to open or close doors at your property by calling our Jervis Systems phone number.

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